Thermal Impact of Acton WWTP on Black Creek

The Acton WWTP discharges into Black Creek, a coldwater creek similar to the West Credit River. Data collected by the Coalition show that the Acton WWTP makes Black Creek warmer in the summer and that the effluent remains warm into the fall.

Inground Infiltration

Inground infiltration of the effluent is a viable alternative to the direct discharge of 7.2 million litres per day of sewage plant effluent into the West Credit River.

As Goes the Air Goes the Effluent

Effluent temperatures is influenced by air temperatures. As the air temperature increases effluent temperature increases. The hottest effluent temperatures occur after consecutive hot days.

Data Library

Effluent temperature data for 5 southern Ontario wastewater treatment plants (Fergus, Georgetown, Acton, Orangeville, Shelburne) in summer 2021.

Data Logger Here, Data Logger There

Effluent temperatures from 5 southern Ontario wastewater treatment plants in the summer of 2021 were above the 19 °C effluent discharge temperature assumed in the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant Environmental Study Report (ESR).

Designation Request

Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant was not designated under the Impact Assessment Act. The areas of federal jurisdiction will be addressed by Provincial regulation and mitigation such as those in the Environmental Compliance Approval process.