Coalition for the West Credit River

Why are Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Important?

  • Brook Trout (also known as speckled trout) are native to eastern North America. 
  • Brook Trout are a sensitive species that require healthy cold-water ecosystems to survive.  Their on-going presence is a strong biological indicator of a healthy aquatic environment. 
  • Brook Trout survival relies on stream temperatures no greater than 19oC – 20oC for any sustained period of time.
  • Brook Trout are in serious decline in Southern Ontario due to urbanization, over harvest, water pollution, climate change, invasive species, groundwater extraction, dam construction, habitat fragmentation and degradation. 
  • The West Credit River has a thriving population of Brook Trout that will be placed at risk of drastic demise as a result of waste water discharged from the Town of Erin’s proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“The most productive brook trout spawning reaches and the best brook trout populations in the West Credit River are located downstream of Erin Village and the longest contiguous brook trout habitat in the
Credit River watershed is the West Credit River between Erin and Belfountain.”    – CVC Aquafor Beech Inc.  

Blackport Hydrogrology Inc.  2011 Erin Servicing and Settlement Master Plan.  Phase 1 – Environmental Component – Existing Conditions Report